Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Robin in my garden

Bird in my garden, originally uploaded by coskunTR.

I saw this beatiful bird in my garden. Name is Robin. (We say in Turkish: Kızılgerdan )


  1. Amazing photo!
    Beautiful bird.
    His name in Greeek is "kokinolemis" that means "red-neck"!!
    Kalimera Coskun :)

  2. Hello Coskun,thank you for the comments.
    I shall be there for coffee and ouzo next year.
    My daugther is living in Chios,I shall visit her family this Christmas holidays.
    I think Cocaeli is very close to Izmir.
    Have a nice day.

  3. Great shot!!
    I do agree with Giorgos :))

  4. Hello, pretty photo of Robin! I find it rewarding to photoshoot wildlife. We can enjoy them in their natural element.


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