Friday, May 8, 2009

The night colors of the bridge

There is to pass many roads and railway between the city and seaside. Now they built to pass for my fellow three footwalk bridges. Night view is better than a day!


  1. That is so beautiful. Such a great way to advertise the bridge. Our Skytower is lit up like that at night and the colour changes, depending on what is being celebrated i.e. Christmas - red & green; Red - ANZAC Day; Auckland Blues (rugby team) - Blue etc.

  2. How romantic, I love how the bridge is lit up in different colors!

  3. That is a very beautiful night shot! I like the colors.

  4. THis is a lovely view of your walking bridge. The colours of an evening must be gorgeous. Now I will have to look at Baruch's NZ blog.

  5. A very successful night shot! One interesting detail is that there is practically no light in the buildings standing behind the bridge. That makes the bridge look like a precious jewel in the middle of the city. I like very much this photo! :-)


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