Sunday, May 10, 2009

The steep road

Do you imagine 18% steep road in the city? Yes, We have one new road opened in my city that connected from seaside to the Kocaeli University and Hospital at the hillside. I think it will be dangerous to drive down with car especially in winter. We must be careful !
Do you have any like this in your city?


  1. This sign does not occur in my country. We might have signs that say "Steep hill. Trucks use low gear". Our winters are not cold or wet enough to make such a big difference. But does it snow in your city? I think that maybe the oceans are too warm. I am enjoying your blog very much.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I've just returned from a visit to your beautiful country and have so many wonderful memories. I've enjoyed looking at your photographs and look forward to seeing more. In our little town of Brattleboro, Vermont we have a road called Union Hill which is very steep. I usually avoid driving on it on the worst days of winter.

  3. We are a prarie city so mostly very, very flat...but it's a short drive to the rocky mountains and there are some interesting and steep roads there!

  4. We do not have signs like that here, even though we do have some steep hills!

  5. I think we have some roads much steeper than that and narrower moreover.

  6. I m sure this road very dangereous during winter season,best wishes.


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