Friday, June 5, 2009

Old things

This shot is from a village's house garden. The old wooden wheel and big earthenware jar are used many years ago. The old jar used for stored some olive oil. Nowadays they are idle in a garden arrangement.


  1. If in Turkey they used it for storing olive oil, in my country, they used it to store fresh water to wash feet. Happy weekend, Coskun.

  2. Left by the past... Nice capture...... That child interrupts the frame...

  3. same in my country, uses it for storing water and in some provinces uses it in storing vinegar. nice shot.

  4. In the Philippines, it would have been used to store water too, but for drinking.

    I love seeing antique everyday items used as garden and home decorations, and this is a lovely arrangement. I love the garden's stone walls too!


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