Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Unemployed or fisher

He tries to fish, may be for nothing all day. He said that he tries to kill free time. Reality, he has no job due to economic crisis. Hard times.


  1. It's annoying when we don't know how to kill time.

  2. It is hard to connect your sad words with that magnificent view.

  3. At least he can enjoy some nice scenery while he kills time. I guess it is hard everywhere.

  4. Beautiful image for a hard subject (hard times).

  5. Looks like a good fishing spot. Lovely place!!

  6. It seems more that he is passing time rather than killing time. And it sounds as if you and he had a nice conversation. That is also a good way to pass time. I hope times are less difficult for him soon.

  7. Probably he didn't try to fish anything, just staring at the magnificent view in front his eyes.


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