Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bike, Lake and Sunset

In the Lake İznik was near the sunset. There was a father with his son who was riding bike along the lake. I think he is a rich man, isn't he?


  1. Coskun, this is SO beautiful! One of your loveliest images ever! Yes, I agree, this man is rich in the way I wish everyone were. Best to you my friend!

  2. That is a wonderful sentiment!
    I will be in Turkey myself on holiday on Friday for two weeks. I'm staying at Yesiluzumlu near Fethiye and hope to feel such a rich man myself.

  3. Yes, very much a rich man, Coskun. And so are you for recognising it in him, my friend.

  4. very beautiful picture! I love colours at sunset!

  5. He is very rich! This is a beautiful photograph.


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