Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer time in Ören

Ören beach was awarded with blue flag (because of clean sea, gold sand) by Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in 2000.

Mermaid on the rock is aroused interest by people.

The ancient city of Adramyteion, which was an Athenian colony, is locaded on the western coast of the district. (Nowadays in Balıkesir province)

Pegasus was placed on the Adramyteions(Ören) coins in the ancient city of Adramys during the three centuries.
It is known a symbol of the honesty, humility and poetic inspiration.


  1. Beautiful water, blue skies and clean sandy beach! What could be better?! No wonder it received an award!

  2. I like the beutiful bright colors.
    This looks like a very nice place.

  3. The blues, so many blues, are intoxicating. These are beautiful.

  4. Dear Captain have a nice holiday and trip,thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. This is such a beautiful, perfect beach! I would love to be there right now.

  6. Gorgeous....would love to be swimming there now.

    All the best from me at Sydney Daily Photo.

  7. that is STUNNING! i love Turkey - i was there some years ago, but sadly could only stay 10 days.

    come and check out my photo a day.


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