Monday, August 10, 2009

The Moving Villa

Our first president Atatürk departs from İstanbul for Bursa in 29th August 1929. While sailing through the open sea of Yalova; he figures out the plane tree along the shore which had seduced him a lot he makes the yacht stopped, before landing by boat. He sits under the plane tree. Atatürk, having been impressed by the plane tree, wants a small house to be built under that. 22 days consturaction of a wooden two floored house has been completed in 12th September 1929. A year later, in 1930, Atatürk had been told that a branch of the tree had been reached at the house and had to be cut. Then, Atatürk, orders the house to be moved a bit, instead of the branch be pruned.
In 8th August 1930, moving operations had been started. The Villa had been moved by 4.80 meters towards east within 3 days and has been called Yürüyen Köşk since than...

Atatürk had often visited the Yürüyen köşk ( The Moving Villa) in 1930 - 1937 ...


  1. What a fascinating story! It is a lovely villa.

  2. wow, that's pretty intense. What a story?

    I love the house. It looks so idyllic, sitting there, my goodness!


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