Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Molina ( Atatürk's Flower)

Molina is the tropical flower 106 years old and about 4 meters hight now.

This tropical flower had been buy from İtaly for Atatürk (who was the founder and our first President). He had liked nature and agriculture. Now flower is inside a greenhouse in Maşukiye. Our fellows have to be proud of them therefore hanging flags and Nazar bonjuk(blue bead that worn to avert the evil eye)!


  1. I also like flowers and I like birds. They go together. Birds and flowers. I like your photo and your talent with the camera.

  2. I know something about the history of Turkey and of Atatürk in particular, but this story of a plant bought in Italy and still flourishing there is really fascinating. Great story and post.

  3. Beautiful photo. I love all flowers - they are a gift to us all.

  4. My first time to see Molina. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What interesting information about the lovely old tree.


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