Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Turkish Coffee

We drink our coffee after dinner. We prefer to drink our coffee with Turkish style.

Prepare like this; first , two teaspoon coffee let go to a long-handled pot(said tr ''Cezve'') for making Turkish coffee and if you need sugar too. Add cold water and boiled 3-5 minutes. And pour to a small cup(said ''Fincan'') Finally we said ''Afiyet olsun!'' means, I hope to enjoy!.


  1. Thank you for your visiting my blog.
    We have the same old architecture.The house in my blog is from the old town area where there were many Othomans people.
    Regards from Thessaloniki.

  2. One for me, please.

    Thanks for nice comment on the Nelson Daily Photo, Today.

  3. Şu ân tam yemeğimi yemişken bir fincan kahve üzerine iyi giderdi.
    İçenlere afiyet olsun.
    İyi çalışmalar.


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