Sunday, April 12, 2009

YeniCuma Mosque in İzmit

Mosque is more than 400 years old.

Mosques in Turkey build with dome-shaped.

This is the fountain ''şadırvan'' located in the middle of the mosque garden for ritual ablutions.

Near the main gate.

This mosque builded up at 1566 by Ottoman architect '' Mimar Sinan''. Muslims pray to god there like a first day because this strong mosque had seen many big earthquake but not affected.


  1. Very impressive architecture, and a great piece of engineering too, it seems. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Wonderful building! We must to know more about your city History. Thanks for share this photo!

  4. Anadolu'daki camiler ne kadar da birbirine benziyor. Fotoğraf sanatçılarının nedense camiler ilgi alanlarına girmiyor. Halbuki Anadolu'da şehir oluşumları hep camiler etrafında olmuştur.
    İyi çalışmalar dilerim. Selâmlar.


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